Consulting & Coaching

AI, Quantitative Analysis and Data Science Solutions for Finance and Manufacturing.

Machine Learning

We provide AI, machine learning and data science solutions for finance and manufacturing.


Algorithmic Trading Development

We help you to structure and automate your trading strategies using TT’s algorithmic trading platform ADL and Python for ¬†your more advanced AI-based trading strategies. We provide solutions from trading signal generation to fully automated execution systems. Please contact us for more information.


KDB Database Solutions

KDB is the industry standard for financial databases. It provides the fastest and most advanced data access using the q-language. With our KDB expertise we can help you develop your custom solutions for optimum performance.


Algorithmic Trading Workshops

We provide beginners and advanced level algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis workshops based on the Quantopian platform.


Trading Strategy Development Workshops

Based on Andreas Clenow’s bestselling books “Following The Trend” and “Markets On The Move” we provide training for analysis and implementation of these strategies in a manual and fully automated environment.