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Dr Tom Starke

After his PhD in Physics Tom worked as a co-founder of the micro chip design company pSemi. He then followed a call from Oxford University for a senior research fellow position for computational modelling of nano-materials. Subsequently, Tom worked as a principle engineer for Rolls-Royce Plc (UK) managing the development of novel fuel-saving power generators for the A380 engines and being the technical leader of acquisitions of $50m+. At Memjet  Australia, the world leader in high-speed printing, Tom developed numerical models for transistor development and silicon chip processing.

During that time he got interested in algorithmic trading as a hobby and ran a very successful blog (drtomstarke.com). Based on that he was asked to developed automated systems and quantitative finance models for various hedge funds and trading firms such as Valor Private Wealth and Comlife. Subsequently, Tom joined Vivienne Court Trading to develop low-latency statistical arbitrage models and options trading models for the Chinese market.

Tom is an experienced public speaker with appearances at various FIX conferences in Sydney and Singapore as well as Quantcon and many others. He has published 20+ scientific papers with hundreds of citations and 3 patents.

In his spare time he organises a meetup group (Cybertraders Sydney) and produces educational videos for his YouTube Channel on algorithmic trading.